SPAIN KEYCHAIN, TORO FLOWERS - Lilac Color - Souvenir Keychain from Spain
Beautiful exclusive design keychain, full of color, that will be part of your memories of Spain. El Toro Flowers shows us our iconic fighting bull with different motifs full of color and harmony. It is cast in high-resistance metal and enameled with fun colors to decorate your keys, backpack, bags or backpack.
3,30 €
Unique and youthful design, an excellent gift for friends, family or colleagues. For fans of skateboarding and urban fashion, this souvenir from Barcelona will be the ideal one. Resistant to corrosion and rust, decorate your keys, bags, backpacks or backpacks.
3,30 €
VALENCIA SEAL KEYCHAIN ​​- Aged Bronze Rocker - Valencia Souvenir Keychain
Keychain with exclusive design, ideal to surprise your friends and family as a souvenir of Valencia. The Seal collection takes you on a color tour of the main tourist attractions in Madrid, with the characteristic Miguelete stamp. A beautiful and original keychain to decorate your keys, bags, backpacks or backpacks.
3,30 €